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Life After Trauma with Simone Gordon, The Black Fairy Godmother

March 29, 2023

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Life after trauma with Simone Gordon

According to Simone Gordon, “Staggering data shows that food insecurity and poverty disproportionately affect African Americans more than their white counterparts. As it stands, African Americans experience food insecurity at 19.1% while Hispanics experience it at 15.2%, both two times the rate for white non-Hispanics.” In this episode, you’ll learn how Simone became the Black Fairy Godmother who helps thousands of people out of emergency crises’ and into stability. Learn why she does all of this for no pay and how you can become what she calls, a "fairy" yourself!

Here, she shares hear her personal story as a single mother trying to find resources for her son with autism. She gives us a glimpse into understanding what it was like as she struggled to provide the life her son needed. Her story continues as she shares how the kindness of 4 women helped find the resources her son needed, and sparked the inspiration to help other women find the help they need too, by way of The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation!


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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Simone’s personal story which began with struggle and transformed into an organization that’s helping many people with stories similar to her own!


  • Understanding “the food stamps threshold”


  • Why some families would rather stay in an unsafe domestic situation or sleep on the streets rather than staying at a shelter


  • Why Simone believes trauma is only temporary, and there IS LIFE after trauma!


The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation's mission is to restore Black and Brown families' stability by removing the barriers that keep them in abject poverty and domestic violence situations. They do so by using the power of social media and crowdfunding to galvanize fellow 'Fairy Godmothers' to volunteer and contribute resources to help families in need.

Simone’s story is one in which her own experience of struggling to find help gave her a lens of empathy for others struggling with the same. It’s a powerful testimony of the ripple effect kindness and empathy can have in the lives of many! Simone is a powerhouse activist for the marginalized, and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Life After Trauma with Simone Gordon


Simone’s bio:

When Simone struggled to find what she needed to help her son through traditional government and private agencies, who placed her in a continuous loop of unreturned calls, she went on social media for help. Her plea did not go unheard.

Four different women responded to her from a Facebook group. Among these women was one who called a number that originally went unanswered for Simone. The next week, her son began therapy. After finding her needs met by the kindness of complete strangers, she began to build community partnerships with other women who shared her frustration and needed a voice.

Simone Gordon then went to work, serving underserved, marginalized and underemployed women and their children - helping them get housing and go back to school to rebuild their lives. She was given the name, “The Black Fairy Godmother”, by a woman for whom she helped stop an eviction from her home.


Simone has expanded her reach with many programs benefitting communities.

  • The Angel Food Assistance Fund helps families facing food insecurity.
  • The Domestic Violence Fund helps to safely place families who are fleeing unsafe environments.
  • The Adopt-A-Family Program allows partners to either share with outreach in a fundraiser on social media or in their own personal social and professional circles.
  • The Emergency Assistance Fund is for the sole purpose of helping families with immediate needs for transportation, utility bills, urgent medical care, and other critical situations.
  • The Birthday Fundraiser uses a birthday celebration to make a difference by choosing a fundraiser to promote amongst your friends, family, and associates.
  • The Fairy Dust Scholarship Fund, in partnership with Tory Burch, helps women with enrollment into a community college or receive a license/certificate in a field of their choice. This program helps marginalized mothers have a second chance at life.


Simone, the determined and daring young mother, activist, advocate and motivator has appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Good Morning America, and The Daily Blast LIVE – among others.

While Simone continues to be “The Black Fairy Godmother”, she is also completing her degree in Nursing, so that she can move into the field of Public Health.


Follow Simone:

Facebook:  @theblackfairygodmotherofficial
Instagram: @theblackfairygodmotherofficial

Video: The Story of Simone Gordon and The Black Fairy Godmother Foundation

Video: Kelly Clarkson Interview with The Black Fairy Godmother

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