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Today on the podcast I’m welcoming Maria Hansen-Quine. She is a global speaker, author, clinical social worker and school counselor, and serves as the Global Ethnic and Racial Healing Manager at Hillsong Church. She’s a strong advocate for adoption, inclusion, and trauma-based parenting. Alongside her husband, Sam, who is an adult adoptee from South Korea, […]

Adopting 7 Children & Saying “Yes” to God’s Stories with Maria Hansen-Quine

The Lovelight Stories Podcast | Adopting 7 Children & Saying “Yes” to God’s Stories with Maria Hansen-Quine

Lovelight Stories Podcast

  When Manda Carpenter stepped outside her marriage in unfaithfulness to her husband, the guilt and secrecy around what she had done spiraled into suicidal ideations. She didn’t see a way out, and thought it would be better that she weren’t alive…Until she confessed her greatest mistake and began to heal what was broken. Through […]

Caring For Your Soul with Manda Carpenter

The Lovelight Stories Podcast | Caring For Your Soul with Manda Carpenter

Lovelight Stories Podcast

welcome to the lovelight stories podcast! Why is it that humanity has yearned for peace over centuries of time, yet it seems the world is increasingly dividing over polarizing views, power, individualism, and hate? It’s true, we live in a fallen world with its fair dose of pain, hatred, and suffering – yet, there IS […]

Introducing The Lovelight Stories Podcast

The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Stephanie Jacobs

Lovelight Stories Podcast

“I’m in a lot of pain, but I should just be grateful I’m still as healthy as I am.” “It could be a lot worse.” “How can I enjoy this nice meal or vacation, knowing many people can’t afford to eat even one meal today, or have a bed to sleep tonight?” “Is it ok […]

How to Identify And Process Guilt Where It’s Warranted, and Grace Where It’s Needed

Process your guilt with grace

Faith Encouragement