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Meet Lori Ann McQuillen! Today’s conversation is one of those real, raw, and vulnerable stories. In this episode, you’ll hear Lori Ann’s intimate story of lifelong substance abuse. Through her story, you’ll come to better understand the bondage of addiction and how severely it can take hold of one’s life, to the point of almost […]

The Healing Power of Telling Your Story | Breaking Free From Substance Abuse with Lori Ann McQuillen

The Lovelight Stories Podcast | Breaking Free From Substance Abuse with Lori Ann McQuillen

Lovelight Stories Podcast

In this episode we’re doing something a little different. We’re flipping the mic! James Barnett, founder of Neighborly, is back on the podcast, this time to interview ME! I thought that while I’m asking others to share their story, it only makes sense to share mine too! In this episode, I’m sharing part of my […]

My Personal Story: Following God’s Call + Mental Health

The Lovelight Stories Podcast-my personal story-Stephanie Jacobs

Lovelight Stories Podcast

Since fall is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few books that are perfect for cozying-up in a blanket or next to the fire with your favorite “cup of something lovely”! Hot coffee, tea or maybe cocoa anyone? The fall season is so rejuvenating as we begin to […]

My Top 5 Favorite Fall Reads | 2022

5 books on bookshelf


Considering this is the time of year we planned to be in Haiti, I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on our last two visits…and since this would have been the first story you would’ve received upon our return, I’m sharing those reflections with you! (Based on the number of times this topic comes up, I think it’s really important too – I hope this helps you!)

Upon returning last year I was asked something of the sort, “How do you deal with the emotions of seeing poverty firsthand and then coming back to the comfortable life we have here in America?”

Essentially, this question is getting at the topic of guilt, and it’s actually something that comes up quite frequently in my discussions with others. On the surface, it seems reasonable and quite easy to feel guilty for living a life different than those of many others around the world. It’s something I’ve wrestled with myself for years, however, I’ve learned there’s freedom in going deeper with that feeling – going past guilt and on into a deeper understanding of poverty.

4 Tips to Placing Grace over Guilt in Mission Work

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