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Where is Lovelight stories headed in 2020?…It’s the first of many questions I’m hearing from all of you! Luckily, I’m ready to answer that question – with a lot of enthusiasm too, because of the potential I see in Lovelight stories in the coming years! While sharing my long-term vision is something I know you’ve asked for (and is a deep desire of mine too), it’s one that will come in the next few months. This is the first story of a series uncovering the story within Lovelight stories…one I’m uncovering for myself in a deeper way, and sharing with you as clarity continues to surface. So, in true Lovelight stories fashion, this is a journey we truly ARE taking together, and I’m so grateful you’ve continued to join me. We’re just getting started, and I CANNOT WAIT for what we’ll do together!

Where is Lovelight Stories Headed in 2020?

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Project Updates

Ever wonder how exactly your donation is being used when you give to a cause that stirs your heart? Curious to know whether the approach you’re supporting truly makes a long-term, sustainable impact? Me too. I often struggle with the complexity of how to give in a healthy way, while truly knowing my support is […]

Empowering Nations with The 410 Bridge

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Project Updates