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Meet Lori Ann McQuillen! Today’s conversation is one of those real, raw, and vulnerable stories. In this episode, you’ll hear Lori Ann’s intimate story of lifelong substance abuse. Through her story, you’ll come to better understand the bondage of addiction and how severely it can take hold of one’s life, to the point of almost […]

The Healing Power of Telling Your Story | Breaking Free From Substance Abuse with Lori Ann McQuillen

The Lovelight Stories Podcast | Breaking Free From Substance Abuse with Lori Ann McQuillen

Lovelight Stories Podcast

When Jessica was a freshman in college, she made a life-altering decision that resulted in the death of her best friend. In an effort to raise awareness, cope with her survivor’s guilt, and keep her friend’s memory alive, she began sharing her story. Jessica spoke to over 15,000 young adults across the country before she […]

Surviving “Survivor’s Guilt” with Jessica Rasdall

The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Jessica Rasdall

Lovelight Stories Podcast

Shop my Amazon bookshelf! Learning through reading is one important way to gain new perspectives and shape our hearts and minds with empathy and love for others. As such, I’ve listed some of my favorite books across various categories we often discuss on this platform! As a reminder, I’m an Amazon Associate, which means I […]

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Insights + Reflections

According to, the word “ judgment” can be defined as: “the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action; good sense; discretion”.  That doesn’t sound half bad, does it? I’d like to be known for making good judgments! Wouldn’t you? 😉  Judgment can […]

How Learning Helps Us Think Critically Instead of Judging Others

woman writing in journal

Personal Transformation