Sound good, Lovely?

Let's uncover beautiful stories that've won their redemptive place over the hate clawing for attention in our world.

Why is it that humanity has yearned for peace over centuries of time, yet it seems the world is increasingly dividing over polarizing views, power, individualism, and hate?

It’s true, we live in a fallen world with its fair dose of pain, hatred, and suffering. 

Yet, there’s space for the love, empathy, and connection we long for too!

Oh love, that’s what we're about to discover together, and I’m so happy you’re here!

I help people like you explore different perspectives on social issues through the discovery of real, redemptive stories. Along the way? We’ll pave the way for personal transformation, expanded worldviews, and a deeper understanding of our fellow humanity. It’s time to rise above all the hate and negativity clamoring for our attention in the world, and find the love + light we long for!

With experience in leading mission teams and building relationships with 30+ nonprofit organizations, I regularly share my unique view of the social justice space. Through stories on my blog and The Lovelight Stories Podcast, I share what I’m learning and offer tips and insights to help you in your own journey of personal transformation!

And I might just encourage you to embrace your own authentic personal story too! *wink*

I'm Stephanie, and I create space for purposeful people who long to see more love, empathy, and true connection in our world and their own lives.

Hey There!

This begins by creating space for authentic conversations around social issues through storytelling.

To foster a global community of purposeful people who wish to see more empathy, love, and true connection in the world and their own lives. 

The Vision

We learn through experiences, and understand new ways of looking at things when we encounter others who’ve lived them. When we understand, we can respond with love and grace, and even gain the courage to embrace our own authentic, personal stories!
When this transformation occurs, we are better able to emulate love + light to others and find more joy and meaning in life!

Sound like a vision you can get behind?

Why Stories?

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Where we're headed:

It's my dream to foster a transformative community through various mediums of storytelling: online, through intimate in-person events and meetups, coaching, speaking, and more. Here, we can learn alongside each other with curiosity and humility, and ultimately emulate more love + light to all we meet!

After all, we as humanity, find meaning in each other’s lives. We’re curious about the world, people, and cultures. We like a good, redemptive story that reins over the evil in this world with the light and love of Jesus. And ultimately, we have empathy for the things we can understand. 

If only we had a clearer window into the world to help us better understand each of the BIG issues we face as humanity, allowing us to see the good that prevails over the hate and negativity clamoring for our attention… 

Enter The Lovelight Stories Podcast, where we explore different perspectives of social issues through discovery of real, redemptive stories — paving the way for personal transformation, expanded worldviews, and a deeper understanding of humanity! 

I’m here to learn alongside you, as we create space for joyful redeeming stories to be told, understood, seen, and heard. I’m here to find and create more meaning out of life — to seek and uncover the hope, love, empathy, and connection we can find in our fellow humanity. 

So, are ya with me? Let’s uncover the good stories, lovely! 

Just like my brother helped me see the world through his eyes, I knew we all could “see” through the stories of others’ lives too. 

Soon, the days of frolicking in the countryside chasing butterflies with my friends (for real!) turned into burying my head into business and psychology books at school. And as the years passed, I’d find myself serving in roles as an advocate for youth empowerment and as a project manager for a large international consulting firm. 

That is, until God broke my heart for what breaks His. 

In what seemed like a quick twist of events, I suddenly found myself so heartbroken for the wide range of social issues affecting humanity. I didn’t know where it came from or why, but I was certain God was pursuing me for something else…I still remember it so clearly. 

A few years later, I was sitting on my cozy couch, praying about what exactly God was calling this passionate multi-cause girl to do, and He helped me realize I’d been an advocate for people my entire life — that I’ve been able to feel for and see them. 

He taught me empathy, and I became his advocate.

I now believe it had a lot to do with my brother, Jesse. He was born with Down syndrome when I was just 2 years old, and I learned to see beauty through his eyes.

I grew up a Minnesota lake girl, squeezing every last ounce of water out of the three warm months the great land of 10,000 lakes had to offer. And while I’ve chosen to make Atlanta home, you’ll still find me on the water any chance I can get!

As a kid, I spent most of my time either outdoors or crafting some sort of story, drawing, or art project, but nothing was as important to me as my friends and family. My parents say my Kindergarten teacher would find me encouraging kids crying on the side of the playground, or inviting a friend to sit at our lunch table.

What I now understand was empathy, wasn’t so easy to identify back then. I didn’t know why my heart went out to others when I saw them hurting, I just knew I wanted them to feel important and accepted!

Catch a glimpse of my own story!


Spending time with
family in the outdoors

Catching some sun & waves at the beach

Writing encouraging notes to sweet friends

Volunteering with my favorite social causes

Prayer time
with the Lord

Heartfelt conversations with new friends

Things that bring me joy!


I have the honor of helping people seek and uncover more hope, joy, love, empathy, and connection through powerful, redemptive stories told by our fellow humanity!


Joined Korn Ferry as a PM to lead global consulting teams for Fortune 500 clients


Lead my first mission team to Haiti (the second time visiting our sweet friends!)


Graduated school in business, psychology, & project management
+ moved to ATL!


God pursued me to follow Him & begin volunteering in the social justice space. The Lovelight Stories blog was born!


Joined my first nonprofit board + met that hubby of mine!


Married the man of my dreams + earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate from the Project Management Institute (PMI)


My sweet brother was born with Down Syndrome 

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