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Let's leave behind more empathy, love, and true connection in our world.

I create space to uncover beautiful, redemptive stories — paving the way for purposeful people to discover personal transformation, expanded worldviews, and a deeper understanding of humanity.

There's a lot of hate & negativity in the world clawing for our attention.

• Want to see and understand new perspectives about life

• Like learning about diverse topics affecting humanity

• Want to know about ways to get engaged with people and causes you care about

• Want to live out your Christian faith & find more meaning in life

• Want to tell your own authentic, personal story!

• Are heartbroken by the chaos and evidence of evil you see in our world

• Know good exists too, and are willing to embrace the bad in order to find joy in the good!

• Are curious about the world, cultures, and people

• Want stories filled with truth, told by real people themselves

• Want to be inspired in your own walk with the Lord

Love, you're in the right place if you:

It can be tough, unfair, disheartening, and brutal.
AND, it can be simultaneously filled with beauty, joy, hope, love, and moments that leave you saying,
“Gosh, I’m so grateful for this life!”
It’s not either-or.

It’s both-and.

Life's funny isn't it?

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A Minnesota — turned Georgia girl, storyteller, & advocate for social justice who's out to bring a little more light to a sometimes-dark world.

I create space for anyone who’s walked a difficult journey to tell their own authentic story — paving way for personal transformation, expanded worldviews, and a deeper understanding of humanity.

I’m here to learn alongside you, as we create space for joyful redeeming stories to be told, understood, seen, and heard. I’m here to help you find and create more meaning out of life — to seek and uncover the hope, love, empathy, and connection that can be found in our fellow humanity...Oh, my heart’s already so full knowing you’re here, lovely!

Hello lovely! I'm Stephanie.




all the praise hands!

— Amber L.

I admire Stephanie's ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything. She see’s beauty in each person’s story."

— Jackie E., Rescue:Freedom International

Stephanie brings a genuine, fact-based, curious, empathetic approach to storytelling. She is a great active listener, and she truly has a passion for making the world a better place and amplifying stories that need to be heard."

— Steve S., MAP International

Working with Stephanie is a joy as she genuinely cares for people in need and she does something about it."

— Michael M., Dream Big/The Bible Project

Stephanie is thoughtful, empathic and a great communicator. She listens deeply and always honors the hero."

— James B., Founder of Neighborly

Stephanie is the personification of a confetti cannon of compassion.”

— Laura Ann B.

These stories have a way of opening people’s eyes to the injustices and vulnerability in the world in a way that makes people feel like true change is possible.”

— Jon C., The 410 Bridge

Stephanie is like an extra staff person - she's a super-charged advocate for our mission!”

— Meredith C.

Stephanie has the best heart. She is one of the most genuine people I know. She puts others before herself and follows God’s guidance as she gives a platform to those that might not have one.”

— Amilcar V., El Refugio Ministry

She makes you feel welcome and genuinely wants to listen and learn from you. She makes me feel seen, listened to, and accepted.”

— Kasey Harboe G.

I feel trust in the organizations that she chooses to support.”

— Mahayla R., Bold Girl Ministry

I admire Stephanie’s desire to learn things thoroughly before sharing them with her audience.”

— Taylor B., The 410 Bridge

Stephanie doesn't amplify voices in order to attract attention to herself, she amplifies voices in order to bring awareness to stories that are truly impactful.”

— Lori C., HOPE International

She cares well for the people she interviews as well as the stories they share. Her joy and genuine concern shine through!”

— Mark & Karen H.

She has a passion to relate stories that are helpful in improving our own lives.”

— Mollie M.

Her joy, positivity, and compassion shine bright!”

— Cynthia J.

She makes me feel needed, respected, and cared about when I'm with her. She brings out the best in me!”

— Susan V.

She speaks very clearly and deliberately. She also did research on my work - very important to crafting the right questions.”

— Tracy A., Founder Amistad Worldwide

She’s very friendly, intelligent, a deep thinker, and a very professional communicator.”