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This week we’re celebrating 2 months with our sweet little Liam Brooks! As I reflect on all these past 8 weeks have held, I feel exhaustion, relief, gratitude, sadness, love, and joy. While love and joy far surpass the exhaustion or sadness, I can’t help but acknowledge the traumatic experience we had bringing our son […]

Celebrating 2 Months With Our Boy!

Stephanie Jacobs_Lisa Lefevre Photography_Newborn Photos


Meet my brother, Jesse! He was born with Down syndrome when I was just 2 years old, and he has been the absolute best gift our family could have ever received. In this episode, I’m interviewing Jesse and you’ll simply get to know him, understand the love and innocence his perspective brings to those around […]

Meet My Brother, Jesse | The Gift of Down Syndrome

The Lovelight Stories Podcast-Meet my brother, Jesse

Lovelight Stories Podcast

In this episode we’re doing something a little different. We’re flipping the mic! James Barnett, founder of Neighborly, is back on the podcast, this time to interview ME! I thought that while I’m asking others to share their story, it only makes sense to share mine too! In this episode, I’m sharing part of my […]

My Personal Story: Following God’s Call + Mental Health

The Lovelight Stories Podcast-my personal story-Stephanie Jacobs

Lovelight Stories Podcast

As we enter the last month of summer, I thought I’d share 5 of my favorite fun summer reads, so you can slip them into your beach bag before summer ends! Last August I shared a post with “5 Social Justice Books for Your Summer Reading List”. It was full of books that eloquently balance […]

5 Books for Your Summer Reading List

Books on beach towel

Social Issues