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After losing our first baby earlier this year, it was such a joyful surprise to find out we were expecting again! I’ve already shared quite a bit about our miscarriage (including this entire podcast episode sharing our story of loss), so I won’t dig too much into that here. I will say, however, this baby […]

Baby Announcement & Gender Reveal

Stephanie Jacobs_Baby Announcement


Since fall is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share a few books that are perfect for cozying-up in a blanket or next to the fire with your favorite “cup of something lovely”! Hot coffee, tea or maybe cocoa anyone? The fall season is so rejuvenating as we begin to […]

My Top 5 Favorite Fall Reads | 2022

5 books on bookshelf


“I’m in a lot of pain, but I should just be grateful I’m still as healthy as I am.” “It could be a lot worse.” “How can I enjoy this nice meal or vacation, knowing many people can’t afford to eat even one meal today, or have a bed to sleep tonight?” “Is it ok […]

How to Identify And Process Guilt Where It’s Warranted, and Grace Where It’s Needed

Process your guilt with grace

Faith Encouragement