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Today on the podcast I’m sitting down with Steve Stirling. In this episode, you’ll learn how Steve, who was stricken by polio and orphaned at a young age, has been able to live a thriving life in America and ultimately serve those with needs that are similar to the needs of his own as a […]

From Orphan with Polio to Providing Worldwide Lifesaving Medicines with Steve Stirling | President and CEO of MAP International

The Lovelight Stories Podcast | From Orphan with Polio to Providing Worldwide Lifesaving Medicines with Steve Stirling | President and CEO of MAP International

Lovelight Stories Podcast

It was June 2019 and we had just arrived at the community we’d be visiting for the week. As we toured the community to see our friends again and see all the progress they’d made since we last visited, I came across a little girl I’d met the year before. (I tried to sponsor upon […]

What Happens to Development When Crisis Strikes?

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Mission Travel

That was fast. The world has suddenly shifted, and we don’t yet know what the outlook will be in our lives…As we’ve watched this global health crisis unfold, we’ve seen a temporary shift in vulnerability to encompass the whole world. Suddenly, we’ve all become vulnerable (or is it that our vulnerability has become exposed?), and it’s been heart-wrenching to watch the number of ways an invisible enemy like a virus can affect all of humanity.

We’re seeing families here at home move from being financially stable to filing for unemployment basically overnight. Businesses are applying for loans to stay afloat, restaurants are closing, our elderly family members are suddenly at-risk, and so much more…It brings me to tears just thinking about the magnitude of it all. And as I watch our own country and other developed nations struggle, I can’t help but turn my gaze, for a moment, toward all the different at-risk populations, people, and countries with vulnerabilities that pre-existed what we’re battling now.

If we, who are relatively healthy and well cared for, struggle to help ourselves amidst all of this, how can nations or populations already living in the margins survive such a crisis? It’s a question I can’t get out of my head, because the answer could be devastating.

How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Different Vulnerable Populations


September – It’s that time of year again, a month full of celebrations! Well, at least over here at Lovelight stories. 

The last two years, together, we’ve supported Charity: water – in 2017 as part of my birthday campaign (Yes! September is my birthday month!) and in 2018 as part of Charity: water’s own birthday campaign with the launch of Scott Harrison’s book, Thirst. If you’ve read last year’s story about Charity: water and Thirst, you know funds from the birthday campaign were put towards delivering water in Mozambique. Indeed they were! We just received reports of TWO water projects our campaign helped to support! Click here to see hot-off-the-press reports from Charity: water of both projects in Napera and Triangulo – detailing GPS coordinates, photos, number of people served, and more!

And as if that’s not enough to celebrate, this month, we’re celebrating two more birthday’s! Lovelight stories is officially 1 and MAP International is celebrating 65 years of bringing life-saving medicines to the world! In fact, MAP is the focus of this month’s story and is very much deserving so.

MAP International is a Christian organization providing life-changing medicines and health supplies to people in need around the world. While they’re Christian based, they serve all people, regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background.

Medicine for the World

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