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In this episode, you’ll have the chance to meet Tracy Alin. She founded Amistad Worldwide in 2010, and she has served as a social worker and chaplain in long-term care facilities for 25 years. Tracy’s also currently an online professor teaching in Bible colleges in both India and Nepal. Before this episode is over, she […]

Testimony Story: Following Your Heart to Love “The Least of These” with Tracy Alin | Founder, Amistad Worldwide

The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Tracy Alin, Founder of Amistad Worldwide

Lovelight Stories Podcast

Short-term mission trips are expensive, and the truth is, teams make little impact in the few short days they’re on the ground. A little harsh? Maybe, but it’s because of this (and more) that mission trips have gotten a bad rap for some time. Read on, and we’ll discover why together!

Why I Choose to Lead Mission Trips, Despite Their High Opportunity Cost

Insights + Reflections

Last June, we visited La Beyi, Haiti for the first time! There’s so much engrained in my mind about the experience, and their final parting words still haven’t left me: “Tell your family we love them. Don’t forget we can’t stop thinking about you in this community. We won’t forget you and we will miss […]

La Beyi Community Update

Haitian girls smiling and looking up

Project Updates

In less than 2 weeks, our team will be leaving for Haiti! A while back, each of us attended a security training at NorthPoint Church, presented by Brian Webb. I also just finished his book, ”Open My Eyes”, which elaborates on the information he shared at the training through the lens of mission travel. As I’ve been reflecting upon the material, I couldn’t help but share it with you. It’s simply too important not to pass along, and easy to share, with the possible reward of a life saved. Therefore, this month’s story is a little different from those past. It’s a bit serious and maybe even a bit frightening to learn about the realities of security around the world, but as Brian mentions often throughout his book, “With proper training and awareness of the dangers you will not only be safer but it will be possible to live life nearly free of fear!”

Brian’s bio is extensive, (and can be seen at the end of the story), but here are a few highlights: He served for nearly a decade as the National Program Manager for a government special operations program, he’s managed covert operations throughout the US and numerous foreign countries for 20+ years, he was certified as a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) Instructor, being the primary instructor for government law enforcement special operations since the mid 90’s, and is considered one of the world’s leading experts in international narcotics smuggling and airborne counter terrorism operations. In short, he’s the guy I want to learn from when it comes to travel safety and security! Likewise, I’m so thankful he’s found a way to share his experience in training others how to prepare and equip themselves for dangerous situations.

Safety & Security Tips for Mission Travel

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Mission Travel