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Caring For Your Soul with Manda Carpenter

April 5, 2023

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The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Manda Carpenter


When Manda Carpenter stepped outside her marriage in unfaithfulness to her husband, the guilt and secrecy around what she had done spiraled into suicidal ideations. She didn’t see a way out, and thought it would be better that she weren’t alive…Until she confessed her greatest mistake and began to heal what was broken. Through her intentional soul care practices and a lot of grace, she was able to climb out of darkness and find the light once again!

In this episode, we discuss how to transform your life through caring for your soul in a way that requires vulnerability and grace. We also discuss relevant cultural topics for engaging in today’s world in a healthy and productive way.


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Topics covered in this episode:

  • Manda’s personal story and the root-cause of her infidelity


  • Soul care practices to transform your own life and live the life you long for


  • Shame and it’s power over us


  • The power of grace and love


  • The power of vulnerability and sharing our story


  • How to decide what to share, and how to share it


  • Manda’s view on cancel culture, the toxicity it brings to our society, and how to engage positively to move constructive conversations forward instead


  • The concept of “white savior complex”, how to identify it, and how to dismantle it


  • What it means to have privilege and identifying it within ourselves


The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Manda Carpenter


These topics and more (much more!) are included in Manda’s newest book, Soul Care to Save Your Life. Inside, she shares 15 soul care practices to move past your mistakes and transform your life — ultimately leading to a life well lived!

I’ve followed Manda for years and admire her ability to speak candidly and challenge our perspectives. She’s someone I look to for adding a healthy dose of sound wisdom and intentionality in life too! As such, I’m thrilled to have Manda on the podcast, and I hope you’re just as excited as I was to meet her!


*If you or someone you know experiences a mental health emergency or suicidal ideation: call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988.*

About the book:

"In our image-conscious culture, life can become a never-ending performance. The perfection we feel pressured to project to those in our social sphere comes at the expense of our emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. In the end, we are left exhausted and unfulfilled. How do we flip the script and feed ourselves rather than simply adding to our feeds?

In Soul Care to Save Your Life, author, speaker, and recovering performer Manda Carpenter offers an invitation to shift your focus from performing to purposeful living from the inside out. In this book she guides you on a three-part journey to

- identify the habits that are holding you back
- take ownership of your path to growth
- embrace practices of soul care for your well-being

It's time to drop the façade of the picture-perfect life and instead get radically honest in order to heal and embrace the confidence that comes from knowing and loving your whole self, no filter needed."

Soul Care To Save Your Life by Manda Carpenter

Manda's bio:

She’s a neighbor, question-asker, and cheerleader of the underdog who spends her days writing, speaking and advocating.

She's been married to her husband for nearly 8 years. And together, they have a son and also have been foster parents to 16 kids before him.

Manda hosts A Longer Table podcast, and her newest book is called Soul Care to Save Your Life.

She lives in Los Angeles, California and rarely can be found without an iced mocha in hand.


Find Manda on Instagram @mandacarpenter or go to


The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Manda Carpenter

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I love Manda’s book so much, that I decided to host a book study group just for you — beginning April 18!

During these 4 weeks, you'll be welcomed into a safe space to share your heart, learn, and continue to grow into the person you long to be! We’re keeping this study small and intimate, so make sure to snag a spot right away!

Soul Care To Save Your Life by Manda Carpenter

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The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Manda Carpenter
The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Manda Carpenter

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