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Today on the podcast I’m welcoming Patricia Jones. She is a mental health therapist, and has such a wealth of knowledge stemming from her own life story and experiences, that I just had to have her on the show! In this episode we’re sitting down to understand Patricia’s experience living as a black woman in […]

Living as a Black Woman in America with Dr. Patricia Maul-Jones

The Lovelight Stories Podcast - Living as a Black Woman in America with Dr. Patricia Maul-Jones

Lovelight Stories Podcast

Today’s episode is a solo episode discussing a very difficult topic…I’m finally opening up and sharing about the miscarriage and loss my husband, Sam, and I experienced earlier this year. We actually initially planned to do this episode together, but as we sat down to record, he just wasn’t ready and couldn’t do it. I […]

Our Story: Miscarriage and Loss with Stephanie Jacobs

Man and woman wearing "mom" and "dad" hats holding ultrasound picture


Missy Williams co-founded Seed Effect with her husband after a mission trip to South Sudan where they witnessed the need for displaced families to be supported in creating opportunity as they rebuild their lives. Today, she serves as the Executive Director. In this episode, you’ll gain a better understanding of the refugee experience. You’ll begin […]

Understanding The Refugee Experience and Creating Opportunity with Missy Williams | Seed Effect

The Lovelight Stories Podcast with Missy Williams, Seed Effect

Lovelight Stories Podcast

When James Barnett became disillusioned with the church, he knew he needed to go find Jesus elsewhere — by living in the margins. After having chosen to live homeless for two years, James founded Neighborly, a relationship-based poverty relief organization advocating for biblical justice. Their mission is to deinstitutionalize charity by helping you become friends […]

Living in the Margins with James Barnett, Founder of Neighborly

The Lovelight Stories Podcast with James Barnett, Founder of Neighborly

Lovelight Stories Podcast