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What does it mean to love our neighbor?

It’s a question James Barnett from Neighborly has spent 10 years exploring. I’ve known James for a couple of years, and I’ve learned so much from him about what it means to love our neighbor. I’ve come to understand that loving our neighbor can often look many different ways, but it very often involves stepping out of our comfortable routines to enter into the margins with the people Jesus loves. It’s the thread tightly woven into what Neighborly is today, and in fact, it’s where it all began.

I find James’ story and that of Neighborly so interesting and unique, because it indeed started with entering into the margins. James sold all he had and intentionally chose to live homeless for 2 years as a way to commune with those living in poverty, get to know them, become their friend, and most importantly, to love like Jesus loved when he walked this earth. The perspective he found under bridges and in cardboard boxes during those years lead him to the beginnings of Neighborly – which he launched while still living on the streets! It’s a story that James can tell much better than me of course, so I’ll link to more from him at the end of this story!

What does it mean to love our neighbor?

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