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I’ve been thinking a lot about the earth lately…and our connection to it as humanity too. Anyone else? Perhaps it’s a combination of the recent arrival of spring, having celebrated Earth Day last month, or the fact that we’re stuck inside a bit more than we’re used to – Maybe it’s a combination of all three! As such, I thought it was appropriate timing to make our incredible earth the topic of discussion for another month, at least.

If I’m being honest, quarantine has NOT been a time to relax over here. If anything, I’ve been WAY busier – just the way I prefer it to be though! But I have taken way more walks than usual, and that’s where many of these thoughts were formed. So if you don’t like this one, blame it on the crazy quarantine thoughts, and if you do like it, well then I’ll take all the credit and attribute it to getting more fresh air and sunshine than usual! 😉

Quarantine Thoughts: Our Earth + Humanity

pretty trees and fence

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