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It’s August and we’re in the dead-heat of the summer, so I thought it would be fun to share a round-up of books that I particularly love in the social justice space. While I read a lot of books focused on best practices and methodologies in this space too, these are books that eloquently balance engaging storytelling with informative knowledge. They’re perfect for a summer read. In fact, I think I’ve read all of these during the summer by the lake or pool, now that I think of it! Perhaps you have a summer vacay around the corner or you’re stretching out by the pool and you’d like a good book to read. Well, here are 5 of my favorites, comin’ at you fast!

5 Social Justice Books for Your Summer Reading List

stack of books

Social Issues

Some of the development work initiatives I’m most attracted to around the world are those in which we can get close and personal. I find it meaningful to have relationships with people on the front lines serving alongside others across the world. I enjoy having the opportunity to ask questions about the initiatives I’m following […]

La Beyi Community update: Water + Business Start-up Training

men building water well

Project Updates

“Letters of Love” are one of the ways we encourage and share stories at Lovelight stories! It’s a storytelling technique that helps to convey more than just words on paper, but to invoke feeling, understanding, and meaning through the style of letter writing! These letters are a way to encourage those whom the letters are intended for, while also telling a story through the unique perspective of the writer’s experience.

Our team had such an impactful experience that we’ve already found ourselves describing our trip as being so much more than what can be seen or heard. Alas, I hope these “Letters of Love” help you to feel and better understand what’s happening in La Beyi, written by each member of our team.

Letters of Love to our Friends in Haiti

letters strewn all over

Insights + Reflections

This is Joubert. (I’m calling him by his middle name, so as to be respectful to his privacy.) He’s 2 years old and I know his family wants us to share his story, because his short life has already served as a testimony within his community. His parents are willingly sharing this story, hoping that everyone who hears it can come to believe in the Lord.

Two years ago when Hurricane Matthew hit La Beyi, Haiti, their entire community was wiped away. Water flooded the plain on which their community was built and rose halfway up the mountain leaving their homes, livestock, and land completely destroyed.

Haiti: Stories of Real People We Met

Haitian boy

Mission Travel